Trailer Park Boys: Great Show or Greatest Show? feat. Clinton, Rory and Tyler from The Alberta Advantage


The boys from The Alberta Advantage—Clinton, Rory, Tyler—visit Sweater Weather to gab about the boys from the trailer park—Ricky, Julian and Bubbles. That’s right, we’re talking Trailer Park Boys!

It's one of the best Canadian television shows ever, and one of the few to find an international audience. And while its heyday was 2001-2007, Trailer Park Boys has an enduring appeal to leftists because of its depictions of class, community, and for just being so damn funny.

Rory is our resident East Coaster and he shares his deep knowledge of Nova Scotia political economy and anecdotes about that region's love of pepperoni. That's well worth the price of admission alone, but then Clinton drops snappy TPB trivia while Tyler plumbs the humanistic heart of life in Sunnyvale.

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